Mission & Vision

Urban Desert Culture show is a not-for-profit event dedicating to promote and host the culture of Urban and Hip Hop Arts through battle format for all age groups and demographics.


The Back Story

Word from the Organizer

This journey is lengthy but experience of a lifetime, I'm 1st generation Indo-Canadian-American. A father, a husband, a brother, a son, basically a family man - I was a former Bboy / all-styles battle dancer growing up. Now I am a Film Director / IT Media Engineer.  Currently working at KYMA as a Technical Director.  Hip Hop has been a part of me since the early 90s while growing up in Toronto, Canada.  I wasn't the best Bboy growing up, but I loved the battle and music culture . It was a comfort zone and a place to express my skills and art. I moved to USA in 1997.  During my attendance in Hempfield High School, in Lancaster, PA, I took part in dance theater, while outside of school, I took part in competing at local battle events. Graduated High School and attended Penn State University at University Park, PA.  There were no local Hip Hop dance events.  Found some friends with the same interest and we created the 1st ever Hip Hop Urban Dance club at Penn State University called Raw Aesthetic Movements, also known as RAM Squad for short.  We organized an annual battle event called Rhythm Spotlight; years later, it was sanctioned by UDEF ( Urban Dance Education Foundation ). Coming from Indian Heritage, I also was on the Bhangra, and Raas Team, which are traditional dances in India.  Graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Minor in Film Media,  I moved to Yuma, AZ with my family for a couple years.  I performed at a couple of events and I was picked up by Dawn Atherton.  She gave me the opportunity to be a Hip Hop Instructor at her studio.  I transitioned to an All-Styles performer and did several gigs in Los Angeles, mostly in Bollywood.  Most notable shows I worked on was FOX's So You Think You Can Dance and MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.  Recession hit in 2008, and moved to San Diego, CA for 10 years teaching a mix of Urban & Bollywood Dance and also working as a Freelance Media Engineer at the same time.  Durings those years I founded Bollywood America, which is a National College Dance Competition, and was part of it for the first 5 years.  In 2011, I took partCovid-19 Pandemic hit and I moved back to Yuma, AZ .  I am very much involved with the Yuma Hip Hop Festival organized by Jazz of Yuma, Inc.  As part of the steering committee, I'm bringing an annual battle style event to kick it off for all age groups.  I noticed there aren't any Hip Hop / Bboy dance competitions in the Desert Southwest.  My mission to bring this event in full swing for the community and promote the talents from the Desert Southwest.  The event will be a positive and the healthy reflect of the Urban & Hip Hop battle culture & it's history. . .